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In the year 1947, Mr. Jorge Magasich Huerta (RIP), a prominent lawyer, auditor accountant, university professor and pioneer of the professorship of Tax Law in Chile, founded in Valparaiso this traditional law Firm of the region; wich, through the years, and thanks to his efforts, added to the effort of many prestigious lawyers who passed through their offices, was consolidated and strengthened continuously.

Throughout its history, the Firm has been characterized by high demand skills of its members, which have been honored academically, with leading positions in their respective promotions, have postgraduate studies or, well, are professors in important Law Schools of the region.

In addition, the ethical conduct of its members has always been a hallmark of the Firm. Therefore, values such as loyalty, transparency and good faith in the practice are considered particularly important elements.

In relation to the areas covered by the Firm, the focus is on the comprehensive consultancy to large, medium and small enterprises, family businesses and also individuals who, in some cases for several decades, have placed in Magasich y Cía. the development of its projects and care of their interests.

Specifically, the Firm specializes in the following areas:

  • Tax Law.
  • Corporate Law.
  • Labor Law.
  • Civil Law.
  • Consumer Law.
  • Real Estate Law.
  • Litigation in each of the above areas.

The extension of its history, the loyalty of its customers and the quality of its work are, in short, the elements that distinguish Magasich y Cía. as one of the most important Law Firms of the Valparaíso region.